Wednesday, October 8, 2008

School Pictures-2008

I think that 2008 will go down in the Thomas family history as the best school pictures EVER!! (I'm sure that I say that every year!) So, here they are:

Jerrica Jean
Grade: 5th
Likes: soccer, singing, reading, math, REAL Salt Lake, food
Dislikes: cleaning her room, mom embarassing her

Bailey Caren
Grade: 3rd
Likes: dancing, soccer, smiling, fruit, hugs, anything pink and girly
Dislikes: teasing, mom listening to glenn beck, anyone being sad

Kaden Paul
Grade: pre-school
Likes: dinosaurs, cereal, going to school, playing with friends
Dillikes: pears, doing chores, getting owies

Kyler Timothy
Grade: pre-school
Likes: dinosaurs, playing on the computer, snacks, race tracks
Dislikes: going to bed, sisters bossing him around or not letting him play w/ them

I LOVE this picture!!! Every time that I see it, I smile. This depicts perfectly what good little buddies they are. They do everything together and get along so well-most of the time. I hope that they are always close and the best of friends.


sissyann said...

You have beautiful children. And all of their pictures turned out perfect!!!! Good job mom....and dad. hehe

Karen and Matt said...

What cute kids you have!!! Love the pictures!!! =)

audge8 said...

Wow Ang!! You get four gold stars!! They all look so beautiful and handsome! That picture of the twins melts my heart! And Jer and Bai look so grown up!

Schroeders in a nut shell said...

ok, it has been a lONG time since I have seen your kids.....they have grown up so fast and can I say little beauties and handsome men...good job you guys,

The Reimers Family said...

The only thing that would've made these pictures any better would be if their Aunt Annie was standing behind them! Those turned out so nicely!

Karen and Matt said...

Hey you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details. =)

Nicole said...

Awww, I love this! The pictures turned out great - so cute. I love the little summary about each child too--shows their individual personality. It was so fun to read!