Friday, January 30, 2009

Christmas Eve Evening

We started a new (hopefully) tradition for our Christmas Eve dinner. We ordered Chinese take-out! It was so good. We opened Christmas Eve jammies, then let the kids open the presents that they bought for each other. We took them to the dollar store a few weeks before and let them pick out a present for each other and Ty and me. It was cute to watch how excited they were about what they were giving. This year Jerrica had some money saved up to buy giftls. She bought Ty a new frying pan and couldn't contain her excitement as he opened it. She knew that he wanted one and I loved watching how happy she was to give her Dad something that she had spent her own money on and knew he would love. We read some scriptures, had family prayer and they were all asleep pretty early! It was a great night!

Christmas Eve Morning

Every year, we spend Christmas Eve with Mom and Dad Hofheins and the whole family. This year we thought that we'd start in the morning so we could be home earlier to have our own traditions with our own little families. We had a big breakfast, did a program-including the nativity, and then opened presents. We had so much fun!

The night after Jerrica was born, was Christmas Eve. Ty, Jer, and I stayed the night at my Mom and Dad's, who even gave up their bed that night so that we'd be more comfortable. Jerrica was so fussy, and hardly slept that night. I was exhausted, so my Mom took a turn holding and rocking her. She said that she sat next to the tree and Jerrica just stared at the lights. So, every year on Christmas Eve, Grammy and Jerrica rock in front of the Christmas Tree. It is a sweet tradition, and even though Jer is getting almost too big for her lap, it is so sweet to watch them both.

Making Christmas Cookies at Grammy's

After Jerrica's birthday party, we went to my Mom's and made cookies, which is a fun tradition we've been doing for several years. Jer thought that it was a fun addition to her birthday, and I don't know if the kids had more fun making or eating their creations!

Brooklyn, Taylor, and my Bai

Carson and Ash-eating the frosting right out of the bowl!

Jerrica-the birthday girl





Grandma "Lu-Lu"
The creations

Jerrica's birthday party

Where did my first born tiny baby go? How did I get to have an 11-year-old? Time has flown by! Jer celebrated her birthday on December 23rd. It's a crazy time to have a birthday, but she really does love it. She had some of her friends over for a breakfast, games, and presents. She is such an amazing girl. She is talented, vivacious, friendly, outgoing, smart, and beautiful. I love hanging out with her and hearing her laugh. I am so proud of her and what she is becoming.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Disneyland Surprise!

After the kids had opened all of their presents, we handed them a big wrapped box. Inside was a Mickey Mouse ornament and a poem which read:
"Hang this ornament on your trees,
The ones that hold special memories.
So you can look back and
Remember your roadtrip to Disneyland!"
It took them a few minutes...but then they got it!!! I've waited a few months for this surprise, and it was so worth the wait!