Monday, June 15, 2009

The Suessical

In April, Jerrica played "Mayzie" in her school's production of "The Suessical". Words cannot express the joy and amazement I felt when she walked out onto the stage. She was incredible and is so talented. It was all I could do not to jump up on the stage and hug and kiss her as she performed. I was so proud of her-and all of the rest of the cast. It was a great show. I got to help with make-up before the shows. It was so fun and reminded me how excited I got before the plays I was in when I was younger.

Baby Halle

This is my new little neice, Halle, who was born in April. She is such a beautiful baby and I try and hold her every chance I get!

Bad Haircuts

While I was away for the weekend, Tyler decided to give the boys a haircut. When I came through the door, and saw them, I screamed! They looked horrible-and Ty had taken them to church like that!! I made him shave them bald the next day. They had "crazy" day at pre-school that week, and I put their clothes on backwards and painted a face on the back of their little bald heads.

Girls' Trip!

In March, three of my good friends, Melissa, Sonia, Gail, and I went away for the weedend to a nice resort just outside of Vegas. We spent a lot of time lounging by the pool and deciding where to eat! We spent an evening on the strip (I'd never been and frankly I could go my whole life without going again!) and since we drove had a lot of chatting time! On the way there, Gail announced she was expecting!! We were all screaming and clapping and were SO excited for her! That made two pregnant women-since Melissa was seven months along. We had so much fun and I felt so rejuvinated when I got home!

My Funny Dad

For my sister's and my neice's birthdays, in March, we had a girls' night-which we always invite my Dad to, since with six daughters, he's one of the girls! He had a little too much fun with the cake!

Draper Temple Open House

In February we went to the Draper Temple open house. We parked at a stake center a few miles away, then they bussed us to the temple. It was stunning. I'm glad we got to go as a family, that the kids got to experience it. I asked them on the car ride home how they felt in the temple. The girls had a lot of profound things, like, they felt the spirit, and it was beautiful and peaceful. The boys both said they felt happy because there were cookies there.

Valentine's Day

On V day, I did my girls hair in hearts and served everyone breakfast in bed (heart-shaped waffles) which I guess has turned into a tradition. Ty and I went with our friends, Rob and Traci, to a Valentine's Day Dance where we wore matching shirts-our REAL jerseys.

New Beginnings

At our New Beginnings, they had the girls who would be turning 12 that year come and the Mom's introduced them. I went as a YW leader-and as a Mom! It was so surreal knowing that in the year to come I would have a 12 year old!


I went and saw Twilight with my Mom, my Grandma and my Aunt Ann. I met them for lunch and then we went to the movie, and my cute Grandma insisted on paying for both.


Kaden has something called Cyclic Vomitting Syndrome. Which means, he gets sick and throws up randomly. As he is getting older, he is actually getting better, and it doesn't happen as often. But, this picture is how we've seen him a bit in the last five years-with his little throw up cup.

We love our cousins!!!

We went out to Alicia's to let the kids-and the mommy's-play. This is some of the cousins. (The older ones are in school, and Anna couldn't come).

Tyler turns 34!

For Ty's birthday, we had a few friends over and played guitar hero-his favorite video game. (Our friend, Gail, made his cute birthday hat).