Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hofheins' Halloween Hoe-Down

Our family used to get together every Halloween, but we are too spread out, and now there are several of our kids in school, that it just doesn't work anymore. So, Mom and Dad rushed to get their basement finished, and invited all of us over for a big Halloween Party. Everyone came in costume and there were a lot of fun things for everyone to do, like eating doughnuts off of a string, pinning the nose on the witch, and making a spider craft. After the children were sufficiently hopped up on sugar, we laid them down in front of a "scary" movie. The grown ups played a mean game of Mofia, where even though Mom was dressed as an angel, everyone "killed" her off every round! It was fun to hang out together, and to have Dan and his kids there for their first big Hofheins party!


the face behind the lense said...

That looks like a super fun party. I can't believe how many of you guys there are now. All the kids are just adorable.

Staci said...

Oh, so much fun. We miss seeing you all, everyone is growing so fast.

The Reimers Family said...

So many great pics, I've got to get a copy of that one of Carson by himself! That was so much fun to mash together!!