Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

On Dec 13th, Ty and I celebrated our 12th anniversary! Even though it makes Christmas-time a little more hectic (especially with three of our children's birthdays also very close to Christmas) I am so glad that we got married at this time of year. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple, with our family and friends gathered around us. As we were the first to get married, and I'm the oldest, and Ty's the 2nd oldest, most of our siblings waited for us outside.
I remember that the day we got married, the weather was beautiful and sunny, and actually kind of warm for December. The blizzard hit about halfway through our reception, but we didn't care! We were reminiscing about previous anniversaries where I've been pregnant. Our very first anniversary I was VERY pregnant with our oldest who was born 10 days later! And then, our 7th anniversary I again was VERY pregnant with the twins who were born about two and a half weeks later. Good times!!!

To celebrate, Ty and I went to a Jazz game! We both LOVE the Jazz, and since they were playing on our anniversary-it was perfect! We bought each other an anniversary present at the FANZZ store before the game. Ty got me a cute baby-blue Kyle Korver t-shirt, and I got him a Jazz sweatshirt. How nice of us! It was a great anniversary.

This is a picture before the game with Thurl Bailey. It's fuzzy, but you can still see how tall he is! My battery in my camera died, so we didn't get any more good pictures.


Smith Family said...

In the fuzzy picture it kind of looks like Ty is holding Thurls hand. Thurl hosted the Miss Utah Pageant one year and Robert got to be his little assistant. He even gave Robert the keys to his car to go put his cd's in it. Robert is very proud of that moment! :-) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! We look up to both of you so much. Thank you for your friendship!

The Reimers Family said...

Congrats! I can't believe how long it's been, you guys are old!!! Before you know it we'll be singing "Let Me Call you Sweetheart" on your Golden Anniversary! You guys are such a great couple! You know how to work through the crap and enjoy the good. I love you both!