Monday, April 6, 2009

The Twinners turn FIVE!!!

On January 2, Kaden and Kyler turned five years old. I can't believe how fast these last five years have gone. Where did my babies go?? On their birthday, we went to the dinosaur museum, then had a party with family and friends that night. A few years ago, I asked my Dad's cousin's 19 year old twins what I could do as a Mom of twins to make them feel special. One of their suggestions was to give them their own birthday cakes on their birthday. So, the boys picked out their own cake and we sand "Happy Birthday" to them seperately.

The Grandmas

The boys' friend, Paige (and hopefully one of their future wife!)

Kaden first, since he's six minutes older

Ky makes a wish

Everyone knew how much the boys love dinos, and they got a LOT of them!


leesh said...

very cute! isn't it crazy that the three muskateers will be in kindergarten this year?

Alison said...

Wow, I can't believe your boys are 5 already! Cute idea to do separate birthday cakes. And Paige is a cutie :)

Mellissa said...

I'll sure miss you two smart kids when you go to kindergarten. I taught their Primary class on Sunday and I pulled out a handout for them to color. I was amazed that Kyler knew every word on that page.