Sunday, November 30, 2008

Husband Tag

my cute sister-in-law, brenna, sent me this tag. it was so fun to reminisce, and really contemplate all the things that i love about tyler. i added a few pics of us from various vacations we've taken over the last few years.

1) Where did you meet? We grew up in the same stake and went to the same jr high, but didn't really know each other. i knew he was from the family with all of the boys, and he knew i was from the family with all of the girls. we "met" at a sorority date night where my room mate asked him and i had asked another guy. but, we didn't start dating till about six months later. my sister and his brother were dating and they kind of set us up. ty says that at youth conference that we both went to where i would have been about 14, and he about 16, that he heard me bear my testimony and leaned over to his mom and said, "that's the girl i want to marry." i still don't know if i believe him!
2) How long till you got married? we dated for a whole 5 1/2 weeks before ty proposed, then we were married about four months after that
3) How long have you been married? it will be 12 years on dec 13th
4) Your favorite feature of his? his beautiful green eyes with those long eyelashes
5) Your favorite quality of his? the fact that he genuinely wants to hang out with and be with his kids. and his no-stress attitude, which is SO opposite of me, and i wish i could be more like
6) Does he have a nickname for you? no, but i like to call him ty-ty, which he hates!
7) His favorite food? ty will eat just about anything! he loves meat-any kind of meat. and he likes ice-cream
8) What is his favorite sport to watch? soccer. but he also likes to watch basketball and football
9) When was your first kiss? our first real date. he dropped me off at my grandparents where i was living at the time. it was very sweet and romantic and still gives me butterflies to this day to think about.
10) Whats your favorite thing to do as a couple? we are very different and have such different hobbies and interests, so finding things that we both love to do can be a challeng. but, we do love to go to dinner together, we love getting in the car and just running errands (with no kids, preferably!), right now we are watching the show 24 together and it's fun to see how fast we can get the kids settled so we can go watch that together. we like teasing the kids together, as well
11) Do you have kids? Four wonderful, beautiful, talented kids-who all look like their dad!
12) Does he have a hidden talent? he knows all of the stock symbols of all companies that are publically traded. pretty cool.
13) How old is he? 33. we're just about 2 1/2 years apart
14) Who said I love you first? he did. it's a very sweet memory. we were in the backseat of our friends car coming home from a double date. he brought a tape of louis miguel, a singer who's songs are all in spanish that he learned about on his mission. he was kind of singing along to the chorus and looked me right in the eyes when he said "te amo" with the song, which means "i love you". it was very sweet.
15) What do you admire most about him? his ability to make other people feel comfortable and included. i love how complimentary he is. he's very fun to be around and positive. i love when i'm sad about something, he'll just build me up and make me feel so good about myself. i love how i always feel beautiful around him.
16) What is his favorite type of music? heavy metal. hair bands. yuck!
17) Do you think he will read this? yes, i hope so. i want him to know how much i love and appreciate him. i love that he likes to check my blog!
18) I tag: Alicia, Audrey, Anna, and Traci


Mellissa said...

What a sweet relationship you two have. How great it is to be married to your best friend.

Nicole said...

That was so fun to read about Tyler. I have always thought he is such a fun and wonderful person too. He seems like such a great dad and husband. I think you two are so cute. It is great having him as part of the family!

DaisyJ said...

I found yur blog! I guess I am stalking you now! J/K I love all of your posts. Your family is so cute. I miss all the YW too!

The Reimers Family said...

I totally drifted to memory lane! I remember the night yall got engaged, the Macarena music video was on for the first time, we were all soooo excited!

Anonymous said...

Aw, so sweet! You and Ty have always been the couple that I've thought, "I want to find somebody and be as happy as they are." I met you guys when you were first married, before you had any kids, and remember you guys sitting in church together. Ty always had his arm around you and you were always whispering and laughing to each other. Then when you were prego with your first daughter and tried to come to girls camp, but couldn't stay because you were so sick. Ty came to get you and carried you from your tent to the bathroom. I remember standing there with the other young women watching that and we all oohed and awed at how sweet he was. You are a lucky girl!

Smith Family said...

You guys have such a great relationship. I get to do this fun blog now, but I don't have any kissing on the beach pictures to put on mine! ;-)

Natalie Kay said...

Is it okay that I found your blog and read it? It might be outside of my "scope of employment" as Doug might say. Haha!

I'm so excited for Clear Creek, I hope you are too. See ya soon!

P.S. Which sorority were you in? I was in Alpha Phi at SUU.

Roger and Kelli Proctor said...

This was so fun to read! You guys are the cutest! Its funny Rog told me he was falling in love with me in Chinese! Maybe saying it in another language isnt so scary!